I am an artist and illustrator living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I spent a great deal of my early art career painting and shopping my work to galleries and juried shows, that is, when I wasn't staying home with my two amazing children. Somewhere along the way I started to really embrace everything I truly loved, and began experimenting with every style and every medium I could get my hands on, including working in digital.

I now sell illustrations and original work in several local and online shops, and I continue to play and explore my artistic whims in hopes that I can lighten the load of the viewer and perhaps influence a lift in spirits. I tend to gravitate toward my playful side with my printmaking. Combining vibrant color, shape and texture, I dont want to give my works audience a choice but to look.

My wife, children, and labradoodles keep me grounded in my Bellingham, Washington home. When I remember to go outside and breathe in the trees, I can enjoy the moment and forget about art making for a time. Usually by the time I arrive at this point I desperately need a break. Then I return to my paints and brushes and once again a happy boy, and for a while, the worries of my being a "success" in the art world fade away as my passion sharpens my sight and senses.